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The unharnessed power of the capability statement.

My name is Sean Morrison. For years I worked in government reviewing bids, managing contracts, and putting out RFPs. I was always surprised by how large the contracts were, but by how little the bidders attempted to market or sell their products and services. It was always the same – nothing but specs and business history. I knew there had to be a better way.

So when I left government service I began working with marketers and government contract specialists to figure out how companies could become more competitive in the government contract market. Everyone’s answer was the same – use capability statements effectively. This site is designed to teach you how to create a capability statement that sells your services and captures the agency’s attention. Below you will see our six sections that guide you through your capability statement so that yours stands out. Anything less, and you’re just another bid.


Your’e going to learn everything you need to know to create your own outstanding capability statement. But if you want to skip the line, check out our professionally designed, editable Word templates so you can get a head start.

A capability statement is a unique marketing tool specifically for government contract bids. At a bare minimum it needs certain pieces of information. Learn all of the elements of a capability statement and how you can ensure you’re not missing anything.

Your text should not tell, it should sell. Solve their problem and they’ll choose your bid. Learn how to use strong, clear language, and keywords to grab their attention and make sure your bid sticks in their mind.

Design is the art of helping the reader move through your document and pick up the most important features. Good design will guide them, bad design will be passed on.

Now that you have learned what it takes to create a powerful capability statement, we will review some examples and look at templates to get you started.

The next level of marketing to your agencies is to keep them in your sales funnel. Use your capability statement to guide them to your website or email campaign. Give value and be sticky, and they will remember you.

Whether you want to leave this to the experts, or you would like a review of your own work, we offer capability statement creation and design services to boost your competitiveness. Learn more about how we can help win you bids.

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